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The Catholics Next Door #58
Endurance: Romans 5, Redemptive Suffering, Keeping Kids Catholic, More Patreon Patrons, Read-Along Revival, Boycotting Steps, and more!
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Catholic Foodie
A conversation with Kevin Holden about Louisiana’s only tortilleria.
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Catholic Vitamins - S - Sacred
Remember Channing Dale? Did you know about her late-night texting partner Michael Gannon? Both these young folks are on Sacred journeys, and our feature interview is with Michael as he prepares few a new aspect of sacred journey. We also return from Rome and a Catholic Answers cruise.
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Secrets of Doctor Who #9
Flatline: In this podcast episode we review and analyse episode 9 of season 8, entitled "Flatline" and highlight all the themes, inside jokes and easter eggs. Join Jimmy Akin, Dom Bettinelli and Fr. Roderick for discussion, analysis and speculation!
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Secrets of Once Upon a Time #71
The Apprentice: In this episode we analyze episode 4 of season 4, entitled ‘The Apprentice’ and highlight all the themes and hidden Mickeys. How did we like this Fantasia-themed episode? What is Henry up to? Is he just helping his mom or is there more to it? Join Fr. Roderick Vonhögen, David Handlos, Shelly Kelly and Lisa Jones for analysis and speculation!
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Catholic Weekend #244
Anti-Social Behavior, Electronic Devices, and All Hallows Eve - Are we becoming more antisocial? Millennials not using voicemail; Using electronic devices in church; Sarah’s Chicago trip; Pizza: Chicago vs. New York; Bacon grease; SQPN Fund Drive begins on All Saints Day (November 1)! Cardinal Wuerl on family synod; All Hallows Eve; Montana Breweries trip; Homebrewing; Google Inbox beta.
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Just a Catholic Dad #128
The meadow rises, Caitie quizzes Tabitha and we're all go for First Holy Communion. This week's 60 Second Saint is St Camillus of Lellis.
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The Break with Fr Roderick #938
Moon, Getting Things Done and Scary Catholic Stories: In this week's episode we talk about getting almost sick, Getting Things Done (or the lack thereof), we review Moon and look ahead to Halloween in The Peculiar Bunch. We also discuss some books you might want to check out. This episode was sponsored by Martha Varadan and she wants us to mention her son’s college, Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, CA.
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Geek Week #32
Gotham, Robots and the Social Network: We talk about the (pseudo)science behind "The Principle", first impression of Gotham. Should we be afraid of robots? Plus, a review of "The Social Network" with Jessie Eisenberg.
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Airline Pilot Guy #140
Meet-ups, Flight Control Problems, Emergencies - Would you hesitate to declare an emergency? We discuss an article about pilot reluctance to declare an emergency when it is the appropriate thing to do. A sick passenger on a flight from Dallas/Fort Worth to Chicago was told by flight attendants worried about Ebola that she would have to stay in the lavatory for the duration of the flight, according to a passenger witness. Is this a case of hysteria and overreaction, or prudent action? Here’s an interesting one: A Skywest CRJ2 experienced flight control problems while on approach to Chicago’s O’Haire International last week. They safely landed the jet at DuPage Airport southwest of KORD.
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Catholic in a Small Town #270
Stone Mountain Georgia on Our Minds - The kids had a great time at Stone Mountain, our kitchen is a mess, Ben gets into a book, Katherine makes me watch Jesse James, and I revisit The Road... all while praying without ceasing.
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