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Geek Week #31
In this episode, we talk about Pixar's 22 rules for great storytelling, we review The Flash after seeing the first episode and look back at the Apple Keynote featuring Stephen Colbert.
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The Break with Fr Roderick #937
In this episode we talk about the synod on the family currently happening in the Vatican, Kinect Tigers, Twin Peaks and Star Wars: The Annotated Screenplays.
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Catholic Weekend #243
New format for SQPN audio shows; Air travel woes; Travel tips and being wooed by a city; 2014 Bishops Synod: to pay attention or not? Feedback from Pat Padley; More Twitter management; Hiring the Sistine Chapel for fundraising events? Fr. Roderick's 18th Anniversary of the Ordination to the Priesthood.
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Secrets of Star Wars #20
Dom and Fr. Roderick discuss new theories about the plot of episode VII based on the recent concept art leaks.
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Secrets of Once Upon a Time #70
In this episode we analyze episode 3 of season 4, entitled "Rocky Road". How exactly are Elsa and the Snow Queen related? And how does she know Emma? Join Father Roderick Vonhögen, David Handlos, Shelly Kelly and Inge Loots for analysis and speculation!
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Airline Pilot Guy #139
Is the Ebola virus outbreak under control? How will the airlines deal with this? A second healthcare worker has been diagnosed with the deadly virus, and she travelled on a Frontier flight over the weekend. Passengers and crew are being monitored. The largest American flight attendants union says it wants airline passengers to return to stowing phones and other electronics during takeoffs and landings, but the group's arguments didn't seem to fly Friday in court. I'm afraid this is too late. Water under the bridge. Until we have an airplane crash directly connected to electronic device use, this won't happen. The reincarnation of PEOPLExpress announced that their cessation of service will continue indefinitely, at least until they can get FAA approval to continue operations as a Part 380 carrier.
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15th Station #85
The Synod on the Family - and the various reports coming out of Rome - dominate the first half of this month's episode, with New Zealanders' views on family life, Archbishop John Dew's opinion and the thoughts of an Australian couple making headlines. In other news, Don, James and Gavin discuss the effect of migration on the Church in New Zealand, efforts to advance the cause of the woman who could become New Zealand's first saint and an initiative in the United States to inject life into parishes with dwindling numbers.
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Secrets of Doctor Who #8
We review and analyse episode 8 of season 8, "Mummy on the Orient Express". Join Jimmy Akin, Father Cory Sticha, Stephanie Zimmer, Dom Bettinelli and Father Roderick for discussion, analysis and speculation!
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The Walk #89
Marathon Lessons, Sunday Readings and Big Projects - what's happened with Father Roderick since the last episode, and some projects he's working on.
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The Catholics Next Door #56
Your chance to win 5 Recent Catholic Books, Greg's Sacred Art Painting, Update on Jennifer's Dad, and How YOU can help us make even more content.
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Geek Week #30
In this episode, we talk about Space Pirate Captain Harlock and Warhammer. Plus, what happens after switching to Android only on the Nexus 7 after giving away the iPad?
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The Break with Fr Roderick #936
In this episode we talk about new shows with new formats, we review Gone Girl and Maze Runner. Plus, the Gospel According to Breaking Bad.
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