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Catholic Vitamins - Q - Quota
The Women of Grace organization will help women achieve a new QUOTA of grace and love of our Catholic Faith. Our guest on the show is Brina Gerstenberger, a Director of Music at Saint Joan of Arc Parish in Phoenix. She's also an enthusiastic facilitator for Women of Grace. Her visit to Catholic Vitamins is to tell everyone about the WOG organization and also to share about the WOG In Action Event to be held in Phoenix on October 25th, 2014 at the Saint. Claret Retreat Center in Phoenix. Thank you Brina for guesting on our show. Thanks also to the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles. One of the Sisters was a guest some episodes back and among other things we discussed their recent CD entitled Lean Into The Wind. We play some music from that album on this show. You can find out about this wonderful order at www.carmelitesistersocd.com and you can find out a lot about their music by going to www.leanintothewind.com. We pray for a full measure a daily QUOTA of blessings for each of you from Deacon Tom and Dee.
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Secrets of Doctor Who #5
In this episode we review and analyse episode 5 of season 8, entitled Time Heist. Is life less valuable when we lose our memories? Plus, What do all the Greek references mean? Join Jimmy Akin, Dom Bettinelli and Father Roderick for discussion, analysis and speculation!
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Catholic Foodie #194
Leah Chase, known as the Queen of Creole Cuisine, can still be found in the kitchen every day at the famous Dooky Chase's Restaurant. She is "91-and-a-half." Leah Chase was the inspiration behind the Disney movie The Princess and the Frog. She has cooked for presidents and dignitaries from across the world, and Dooky Chase's Restaurant played a major role in the dismantling of segregation in the south. Mrs. Leah Chase is also a faithful Catholic. I had the great pleasure of interviewing Mrs. Leah for the Around the Table radio show a couple of weeks ago. The show aired on Friday and I am happy share the recording with you today.
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Airline Pilot Guy #135
The National Transportation Safety Board released preliminary aviation accident statistics today, which show an overall decline in the number of US registered civil aviation accidents. Not much in the news department, which means we get to spend more time on your feedback.
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The Break with Fr Roderick #935
In this episode, we talk about a Dutch media project and the appointment of two new archbishops. We also review Air Force One; Timeline; Poltergeist; and Sharknado.
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Catholic Weekend #240
Exploding brews and hospital visits; Los Angeles visit; Long trips and fellowship; new Archbishops of Chicago and Sydney; Monsignor Charles Pope's posts on relationships; Papal Council to reform matrimonial processes; new iPhones; Newly Appointed Pastor Workshop; Parish administration; Stump the Priests and Saints of the Week.
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Secrets of Star Wars #18
What Is Being Filmed at the Former RAF Base in Greenham Common? Dom and Father Roderick discuss the outdoor set at the former RAF Air Base in Greenham Common, Berkshire in the United Kingdom which was revealed after a drone pilot posted pictures. Also: what to make of chrome Stormtroopers? And will Daniel Craig and Samuel Jackson appear in Episode VII?
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Lino at Large #185
Lino meets controversial Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in the mayor's last interview before dropping out of the race. Then, "Goodfellas" star Ray Liotta stops by to talk about his latest film. Finally, Lino chats with Father Tom Rosica about his friendship with John Paul II and Pope Francis!
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Catholic Vitamins - P - Purpose
His name is Jason Evert. Jason and his lovely wife Crystalina have spoken to over a million people on six continents. Their primary ministry is found on their chastityproject.com website. Whatever interest you have or information you seek with regard to purity, chastity, contraception, STD's, starting-over, theology of the body, etc. - visit the Everts and avail yourself of their many resources. But this show is about PURPOSE. And Christians around the world were all gifted by the life, witness and Purpose of the late Pope Saint John Paul. And no recent book has more wonderful stories and demonstrations of the purpose of a person called to be a saint than this new book of Jason: Saint John Paul the Great: His Five Great Loves. We're offering a free copy of the book if you'll hurry and send your request in to catholicvitamins@gmail.com. Join us for this show and some touching memories and sharing about the life and legacy of JPII. We're also thankful to a wonderful wife and mother Teresa Smith for being a guest some time ago on Catholic Vitamins, and for letting us play some of her music. For this show, we featured a song from her album Blooming. Thanks Teresa.
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