The Five Sorrowful Mysteries are Red roses in Our Lady's Crown

"This is why I have come into the world." During the hours of His agony, the God-Man holds His divinity at arm's length, as it were. His humanity comes to the fore as He accepts physical torture and mental anguish. He is divine, and His divinity serves to intensify His suffering beyond our human comprehension.

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Jesus, Son of Mary, leading Your disciples into the Garden of Gethsemani.

Jesus, Son of Mary, submitting Your humanity to suffering of mind and body.

Jesus, Son of Mary, falling to the ground under the weight of our iniquity.

Jesus, Son of Mary, sweating drops of blood in the extreme of Your agony.

Jesus, Son of Mary, pleading, "If it is possible, let this cup pass away from Me."

Jesus, Son of Mary, praying also, "Yet not as I will, but as Thou willest."

Jesus, Son of Mary, three times repeating this prayer of submission.

Jesus, Son of Mary, finding Your disciples asleep while Your own soul was sad unto death.

Jesus, Son of Mary, asking Peter, "Could you not watch one hour with Me?"

Jesus, Son of Mary, help us to watch and pray that we enter not into temptation.

Jesus, Savior of Men, betrayed by the greed of one Apostle.

Jesus, Savior of Men, denied by the cowardice of another.

Jesus, Savior of Men, seized and bound by Pilate's cohort.

Jesus, Savior of Men, silent before false witnesses and evil judges.

Jesus, Savior of Men, adjured by the high priest, "Tell us whether Thou art the Christ, the Son of God."

Jesus, Savior of Men, answering them, "Thou has said it."

Jesus, Savior of Men, sentenced by Pilate to be scourged, although he proclaimed You guiltless.

Jesus, Savior of Men, stripped of Your garments and bound to a post.

Jesus, Savior of Men, Your sacred flesh torn by the metal-tipped thongs.

Jesus, Savior of Men, acquainted with grief, as our trangressions were laid upon You.

Jesus, Man of Sorrows, condemned while the criminal Barabbas was freed.

Jesus, Man of Sorrows, treated with contempt by Herod.

Jesus, Man of Sorrows, stripped and arrayed in a scarlet cloak.

Jesus, Man of Sorrows, crowned with a piercing circlet of thorns.

Jesus, Man of Sorrows, invested with a reed for a scepter.

Jesus, Man of Sorrows, mocked by men who knew not Your real Kingship.

Jesus, Man of Sorrows, spat upon and struck.

Jesus, Man of Sorrows, suffering every indignity at the hands of fools and sinners.

Jesus, Man of Sorrows, silent as Your own people demanded Your crucifixion.

Jesus, Man of Sorrows, may we ever know You as our King!

Jesus, Victim for Sin, forced to carry Your cross to the hill of execution.

Jesus, Victim for Sin, faltering under the burden of the sins of the world.

Jesus, Victim for Sin, Your laceerated body drained of endurance.

Jesus, Victim for Sin, Your heart assailed when You saw Your Mother in the crowd.

Jesus, Victim for Sin, comforted by Veronica, who wiped Your face with a cloth.

Jesus, Victim for Sin, falling repeatedly along the bloody way.

Jesus, Victim for Sin, prodded to rise and move onward toward Golgotha.

Jesus, Victim for Sin, sharing Your suffering and its blessings with the Cyrenian.

Jesus, Victim for Sin, counseling us, "Do not weep for Me, but for yourselves."

Jesus, Victim for Sin, help us to take up our cross daily and follow You.

Jesus, Lamb of Lord, Who was led to the slaughter and crucified on Calvary.

Jesus, Lamb of Lord, Who was lifted up on a cross, with a thief on either side.

Jesus, Lamb of Lord, Whose hands and feet were pierced with nails.

Jesus, Lamb of Lord, Who prayed, "Father, forgive them, for they do now know what they are doing."

Jesus, Lamb of Lord, Who gave us Your Mother to be our Mother of Consolation.

Jesus, Lamb of Lord, Who burned in an agony of thirst for three hours.

Jesus, Lamb of Lord, Who in Your last words commended Your spirit to the Father.

Jesus, Lamb of Lord, Whose Sacred Heart was pierced with a lance.

Jesus, Lamb of Lord, of Whom the centurion testified, "Truly this was the Son of God!"

Jesus, Lamb of Lord, Who opened Paradise to the repentant thief, and to all who desire to follow You.

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