Rosary Devotions - Day 11 - The Annunciation

"And in the sixth month the Angel Gabriel was sent from God into a city of Galilee called Nazareth, to a virgin espoused to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David; and the name of the virgin was Mary." - Luke 1:26-27

It requires but a slight effort of the imagination to picture this beautiful scene. The Angel sent from God stands before Mary who is kneeling in prayer. Their eyes meet, the message is delivered, and the holy rapture of both messenger and recipient glows on the countenance of each. The redemption of fallen man is secured and sealed by the reply of Mary: - "Be it done unto me according to thy word." With this scene clearly visualized in our minds how can we ever tire of repeating over and over again the ever refreshing inspiration expressed in the divinely thrilling phrases of the Hail Mary!

What mortal tongue can sing thy praise,
Dear Mother of the Lord?
To Angels only it belongs
Thy glory to record.
Who born of man can penetrate
Thy soul's majestic shrine?
Who can thy mighty gifts unfold,
Or rightly them divine?

Say, Virgin, what sweet force was that
Which from the Father's breast.
Drew forth His co-eternal Son,
To be thy bosom's guest?
'Twas not thy guileless faith alone
That lifted thee so high,
'Twas not thy pure seraphic love
Xor peerless chastity.

Thursday - The Luminous Mysteries

Saint Michael, Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray. And you, Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into Hell Satan and the other evil spirits who prowl the world for the ruin of souls. Amen. – Pope Leo XIII

To thee, O blessed Joseph, do we come in our tribulation, and having implored the help of thy most holy Spouse, we confidently invoke thy patronage also. Through that charity which bound thee to the immaculate Virgin Mother of God and through the paternal love with which thou embraced the Child Jesus, we humbly beg thee to graciously regard the inheritance which Jesus Christ has purchased by his Blood, and with thy power and strength to aid us in our necessities. O most watchful Guardian of the Holy Family, defend the chosen children of Jesus Christ; O most loving father, ward off from us every contagion of error and corrupting influence; O our most mighty protector, be propitious to us and from heaven assist us in our struggle with the power of darkness; and, as once thou rescued the Child Jesus from deadly peril, so now protect God’s Holy Church from the snares of the enemy and from all adversity; shield, too, each one of us by thy constant protection, so that, supported by thy example and thy aid, we may be able to live piously, to die holy, and to obtain eternal happiness in heaven. Amen.

- text taken from The Rosary Devotions for Every Day by Father Mark J Smith, SJ, International Catholic Truth Society, 1924; audio is from Rosary Army