Mary: The Perfect Woman, Rhythm V - Annunciation

Mother of Fortitude, whose name shall be
High above women blest, look up and see
Thine Angel present on his embassy.
Lo, in the very Power of God comes he -
Strength to the Strong, might unto Majesty.

Holiest of Women, Mother, thou art free
From the dire curse of Eve's maternity;
Drawn by the potent cords of Purity
Hast thou desired and held Virginity,
Nor feared the scandal of sterility.

With flesh untainted and a spirit free
From baser yearnings of humanity,
Fairest of Women, thou wert found to be
Strong in thy Virginal timidity,
Strong in thy purpose God's own Spouse to be.

To Him resigning thy Maternity,
To Him entrusting thy Virginity,
Him hast thou chosen: now He chooseth thee;
And gained hast thou through thine integrity
The Crown of Virginal Maternity.

Thy Name as sweetest Oil poured forth will be;
Earth's fairest maidens will run after thee;
And all through time thy dwelling-place shall be
Among the vineyards, where thy Love will be
Seeking for wine and summer fruits, with thee.

Woman arise, the Eternal looks to thee;
The winter of earth's dreariness must flee.
Spring time is coming. He is calling thee.
'Thy Handmaid, Lord, behold. I answer Thee.
As Thou hast spoken, Be it done - to me.'

The flowers upspring; the day dawns cheerily;
The clouds disperse - night's darkling shadows flee:
The fig-tree putteth forth her leaves; for see,
Beneath her shade reclining, lo, is He,
Whose Shade was her's from all eternity.

- text taken from Mary: The Perfect Woman, by Emily Mary Shapcote