My Bible History - Old Testament #47 - King David

When David was thirty years old, he became King of Israel.When David was thirty years old, he became King of Israel. He was a good king to his people, and protected them from their enemies. During his rule Israel became great and powerful.

Leading his soldiers against the city of Jerusalem, David conquered it and made it his capital. He built a wall around it and called it the City of David.

During the time that he ruled, David tried to lead the people to worship God as they should. He brought to Jerusalem the Ark that had been captured by the Philistines. He built a Tabernacle on Mount Sion to house the Ark.

The Ark was carried to this new Tabernacle in a great procession. As guard of honor, there were thirty thousand armed men. Numberless people followed the Ark. Those near played upon harps and flutes, and blew trumpets. David himself was in the procession playing on his harp, and dancing with joy before the Ark. After every few steps, the procession stopped to offer sacrifice. Everybody was glad to see the Ark brought to the City of David.

With the Ark of the Covenant placed safely in the new Tabernacle, David divided the priests into twenty-four groups. Each group was to serve in turn before the Lord. David chose four thousand musicians to sing praises, and to play music to God each day.

If the Ark of the Covenant was the object of so much reverence, with how much more respect and veneration should we look upon our churches, where God Himself is present in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar!

Not only was David a great king. He was a great poet as well. He was inspired by God to write the poems that today we call the Psalms. Some of the Psalms of David are songs of thanksgiving and praise. Others tell of sorrow and repentance for sin.

Because David loved and served God, he was in turn loved by God, Who promised that the Saviour should be born of his family. David wanted to build a Temple, but God by a prophet sent him a message, saying, "Not you, but your son shall build Me a temple. I will establish his kingdom forever."

- from My Bible History in Pictures, by Bishop Louis LaRavoire Morrow, D.D., 1934; it has the Imprimatur of Archbishop Michael J O'Doherty of Manila, Philippines