My Bible History - Old Testament #46 - David and Goliath

Goliath fell. David took the giant's sword and cut off his head.The strongest enemies of the Israelites were the Philistines. Once the Philistines built their camp on one mountain. The Israelites pitched theirs on the opposite mountain. Both armies prepared for battle.

Out of the Philistine army came a giant named Goliath. Every day he went forth and called out loud to the Israelites, "Choose one man from among you. Let him come down to fight me. If he kills me, we will be your servants. If I kill him, then you shall become our servants."

Saul and the Israelites were very much afraid. Goliath was so huge and strong that all were sure he would kill whoever dared to fight against him.

Many days passed. Still no Israelite dared to fight Goliath. One day David arrived at the Israelite camp. He heard the giant's challenge, and became angry. He asked, "Who is this man who defies the army of God? I will go and fight him."

Saul replied, "You cannot fight Goliath. He has fought and won many battles, but you are only a boy."

"I have killed both a lion and a bear that took a lamb out of my father's flock. The Lord Who protected me from those fierce animals will protect me against this proud Philistine giant," answered David.

Taking his staff, David went down to the brook and chose five smooth stones. These he put in his bag. With his sling in his hand he then went to meet Goliath.

The giant was angry when he saw how small and young David was. He roared, "Am I a dog, that you come to me with a staff?"

David replied, "You come to me with a sword, a spear, and a shield. I come in the name of God, Who will deliver you into my hands." Taking one of the stones from his bag, David put it in his sling and threw it. It struck the giant on the forehead. Goliath fell. David took the giant's sword and cut off his head.

He who places his confidence in God may overcome the greatest difficulties and conquer the enemies of his soul.

- from My Bible History in Pictures, by Bishop Louis LaRavoire Morrow, D.D., 1934; it has the Imprimatur of Archbishop Michael J O'Doherty of Manila, Philippines