Brother Bernard Joins Saint Francis

As the truth concerning both the simple teaching and life of blessed Francis became known among many, after two years had passed since his conversion certain men began to be disposed to repentance by his example, and, forsaking all, to join themselves to him in habit and in life. The first of them was Brother Bernard of holy memory, who, observing the constancy and fervour of the blessed Francis in God's service - I mean how with much toil he repaired ruinous churches and led a hard life, though he knew that Francis had lived delicately in the world - determined in his heart to give all he had to the poor, and steadfastly to cleave to him in life and in habit. One day, therefore, he came secretly to the man of God, disclosed his purpose to him, and settled with him that he (Francis) should come to him on a certain evening. When Francis heard this, he gave thanks to God and rejoiced greatly, for he had no companion, especially because Messer Bernard was a man of great edification.

- text taken from Franciscan Days: being selections for every day in the year from ancient Franciscan writings, translated and arranged by Alan George Ferrers Howell