The Passion and the Rule of Life

1. In the morning, immediately after rising, make about a quarter of an hour's mental prayer, and then a spiritual Communion.

2. Hear Mass, or should you be prevented, bear the disappointment with patience.

3. Work until dinner in holy silence, having your mind united to God; when spoken to, however, reply with sweetness, good grace, and charity.

4. A half hour before dinner read a little, and, if you can, remain recollected before your crucifix for about fifteen minutes.

5. Dine in peace, observing a prudent mortification.

6. After dinner take some recreation in company with others, always full of charity and amiability.

7. Work until five o'clock or a little later, the mind being always united to God; then prepare for mental prayer and apply yourself to it for an hour.

8. Have supper, then a little recreation, retire, examine your conscience, do some spiritual reading, say your night-prayer, and go to bed.

I recommend to you the presence of God, the Source of all good. May God give you His blessing!

- text taken from Flowers of the Passion, taken from the letters of Saint Paul of the Cross