The Passion and Hope

Hope expands the heart, increases courage, and. lovingly places us in the hands of God.

Fancy a mother who playfully holds in her arms a child over the edge of a high wall, or over the brink of a precipice. Who could believe that this mother would let her child fall? Neither can I persuade myself that God will let me fall into the depths of hell if I rely on Him; therefore I repose with perfect security on the bosom of Divine Goodness much more peacefully than does a child in the arms of its mother.

Place your hopes in the mercy of God and the merits of Our Redeemer; say often, looking at the crucifix: There are centred all my hopes.

I am full of miseries; however, I hope to save my soul: I hope it of the infinite power and goodness of God; I hope it through the Passion and death of Jesus; I hope it by the intercession of the Mother of Sorrows; yes, I hope to go to heaven.

If your eternal salvation depended on yourself alone, you would have serious cause for alarm, but since it is in the hands of your heavenly Father, what have you to fear? My hopes rest on the Passion of Jesus and on the dolors of Mary.

Why despair of your eternal salvation? Do you not know how good God is?

Let all our hopes centre in the Infinite Goodness; let us give thanks to our Crucified Love when He deprives us of all human aid, and let us place still greater confidence in His fatherly goodness.

- text taken from Flowers of the Passion, taken from the letters of Saint Paul of the Cross