The Passion and Faith

Walk in faith.

Oh, how I love those souls who walk in pure faith, abandoning themselves entirely into the hands of God!

How I wish we would all walk in faith! Yes, this is the true way.

Obscure though faith be, it is the infallible guide of holy love. Oh, what delight my heart experiences in this certainty!

As Saint John of the Cross said: O night, dark night, night more desirable than the break of day, night which unites the soul to God, and transforms her into her Well-Beloved!

Oh, what a noble practice to humble ourselves before God in pure faith, and to lose our insignificant being in the infinite abyss of divine love!

Let us always seek God by faith in the interior of our soul.

Let a drop of rare perfume fall on a ball of cotton, and a delicious odor will be emitted from the entire ball; thus an aspiration of the heart to God embalms our soul with His divine spirit and causes her to emit a sweet odor in His presence.

Like infants let us rest on the bosom of God by faith, that we may enjoy His divine communications, and we will be fully satisfied.

Some there are whose devotion leads them to visit the holy places and the famous basilicas. I do not condemn this devotion; however, faith tells us that our heart is a great sanctuary, because it is the living temple of God and the abode of the Blessed Trinity. Let us enter this temple frequently, and there adore, in spirit and in truth, the august Trinity.

What a sublime devotion!

The kingdom of God is within you. Reanimate your faith often when you study, work, or eat; when you retire to rest, or rise in the morning. Make some loving aspirations to God, such as: "O Infinite Goodness!" or other prayer, and let your soul be penetrated by these pious sentiments as by a precious balm. This great God is nearer to you, so to speak, than you are to yourself.

As for me, I cannot understand how it is possible not to be always thinking of God.

The just live by faith. You are the living temple of God. Visit this interior sanctuary often, and see that the lamps, - that is, faith, hope, and charity - are burning.

- text taken from Flowers of the Passion, taken from the letters of Saint Paul of the Cross