Daily Bread - Day 81

We learn from Holy Scripture, and the records of His servants both before and after Christ, confirm this teaching of God's Word, that it is His very frequent plan of dealing with them, to delay the desired answer of their earnest prayers for deliverance from temptations and trials. It was so in the case of His Beloved Son, our Lord and Saviour. My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me; far from my salvation are the words of my sins; O my God I shall cry by day and thou wilt not hear. If this was the case, can any Christian wonder or should he complain of unkindness if God so deals with him? Be not cast down then, if you find it so, still less give way to unbelief. As one said, say to yourself, "hold out faith and patience." That 21st Psalm, which opens with that sorrowful cry of Christ (for it is in His person David prophetically speaks), passes on, after a little, into high praise and thanks giving. He hath not slighted nor despised the supplication of the poor man, neither hath He turned away His face from me, when I cried unto Him, He heard me. And in the triumph of His promised glory, the Saviour declares the answer to His prayer: There shall be declared to the Lord a generation to come, and the heavens shall show forth His Justice to a people that shrill be burn, which the Lord hath made. His church and gospel shall have victory. Even so will God your Heavenly Father declare His justice, His love, and truth, within your soul, O Christian, by making those very trials and temptations which now perplex you by their continuance, manifest tokens of His purpose of love to you, by their sanctifying results on your wills and affections, by your growth in grace, your progressive preparation for Eternal Life, your cherished communion with Him, your closer union with your Saviour.

- text taken from Daily Bread - Bring a Few Morning Meditations for the Use of Catholic Christians by Father Richard Waldo Sibthorp